We offer the most cutting edge semi-permanent techniques including microblading and microshading, powder brows, lip blush and eyeliner as well as signature brow shaping.


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My academic formation is Business Administration and Financial arena PMU was something completely new in me, the hunger to learn and help other women wasn’t enough, I was given the opportunity to return study and pursued new trainings and certifications under many academies specializing in tattoo makeup as lips, eyes and brows pigmentation. As a Tattoo Artist I have the unique advantage of incorporating my knowledge and understanding of face features, undertones, colors behavior including the Latina skin type which behave completely different from all others. With all that acquired information, it helps me to deliver beautiful results, self-esteem and empowerment to a any woman.



Best. Decision. Ever. I was terrified of doing this!!! Like beyond terrified! Lol but I know that Indira was the best. I’m completely obsessed with my eyebrows. My advice is let her measure and take her recommendations she knows what she’s doing. It’s been over a year now and they still look great!

| Melissa Salaman |

She most professional eyebrow artist I’ve ever encountered!! She loves what she does and she’s perfectionist. As you can tell, my eyebrows are FLAWLESS! This is not my first rodeo with her, and it most definitely won’t be my last. If you’re in Orange area and you’re looking for your eyebrows, lips or eyeliner, she’s the one to go to!! Thank you again Indira!!

| Mari Nunez |

So after a few years of researching the best technique and technician for microblading, I came across Vlore on IG and I was sold! Indira was my tech and I am so happy to have found her! Her knowledge, kindness, patience and sense of perfectionism is the best sense of security Anyone can ever have when putting your face in someone’s hands. She is my indefinite go to PMU artist!

| Beatriz Rodriguez |



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